Bishop Clumber is a canine, Anglican bishop of great renown and one of the first blogging bishops. Well loved and well respected by all (except other bishops) he had been a stalwart of the blogosphere for many a dog year. Therefore, it was with sadness that I deleted his feed from my blogroll the other week due to the fact that nothing had appeared on his blog for months. I don't know if this helped to get the old dog off his butt, but I am pleased to announce that he is now up and blogging to the universe once again.

Good boy, Bishop Clumber!

No doubt another reason for Bishop C's return to the internet tubes is the fact that none other than that famous churchman, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has gone and got himself his very own Clumber spaniel. Unfortunately, it appears that Bramble, as the young pup is to be called, has been butchered somewhere along the way. Completely contrary to contemporary Kennel Club recommendations, and contradicting even the most cursory concern with animal welfare, Bramble has had his tail docked - cut off and thrown away. It seems our new archbishop intends to continue the ancient archepiscopal tradition of living in an ivory tower completely divorced from what is going on in the real world and with no regard for the ethical mores of the society he is supposed to be serving.

Anyway, the thing is, young Bramble is in constant correspondence with Bishop Clumber and the letters are being posted in full on the blog, BARKINGS OF AN OLD DOG.

These letters give us a glimpse into the privileged world of the idle senior clergy from the point of view of the dog under his table. I strongly recommend that you pop over to Clumber's place and catch up on young Bramble's adventures.



  1. Thanks, MP! Bramble and +I are even considering writing a sequel to Downton Abbey when their story declines a bit. We’re using the working title “Lambeth Abbey”. Whatever may come, you can be sure that Bramble will have the inside story on the machinations that are occurring inside Mr. ABC’s mind! His sensitive nose will be on the ABC’s like the good hunting dog he was born to be! Probably his fur and spittle too, but that’s life with a Clumber!

    +Clumber and his son, Bramble

  2. “get the old dog off his butt”

    Well, that’s not easy for a Clumber to do, I expect (perhaps the tail-docking was to reduce the drag? ;-/ *)

    Welcome back, Bishop Clumber!

    * j/k, I’m not really defending tail-docking. It does seem to be standard w/ some breeds, though. Boxers, for example.