So many Americans getting excited about a baby being born in a country many of them probably think is a couple of miles the other side of New York. As an Englishman I'm really chuffed that they all should care about the birth of one of our kids especially as none of us would give a damn about the birth of an American kid we weren't personally related to. In fact, I couldn't even tell you if the Obama's have kids. But they shouldn't be offended by that as I couldn't even tell you how many kids the Camerons have. However, I do know about the royal kids because the royal family are paid for completely by British taxpayers. That makes them the only heads of state in the world, that I know of, who are not owned by big business, the military or other rich institutions (including all our politicians). I realise that this notion of an independent head of state is an anathema to all good republicans who believe that everything, including the very heart and soul of a nation, should go to the highest bidder, but then I'm not a republican. I'm a non-subservient royalist. Suck it up, culture losers!


A BOY IS BORN — 7 Comments

    • Paul, it might be cheaper just to buy the MP in charge of your district or the area of governance you want to influence directly. I hear Northumberland is a real bargain at the moment if you’re looking to go cheap.

  1. “I’m a non-subservient royalist.”

    You’re serving the idea of “royals”. Ergo, oxymoron. [Which you’re welcome to, BTW. We Yanks are magnanimous that way. ;-/]

    • You eat royals? Oh wait: is this a Pulp Fiction-esque “You know what they call a ‘Big Mac’ [in Godforsaken furin places]” thing?