I finished reading a book last night which had no ending. In fact, it pretty much just stopped mid sentence. If I remember right the last words were, "But when I turned around..." That'll teach me to read books with literary pretensions. But it has given me an idea. There must be loads of books with unsatisfactory endings or no endings at all and I can't be the only person in the world who feels cheated when I come across one. I'm an okay writer, but I'm a lazy one. I could never keep up the enthusiasm needed to write a novella let alone a whole book. So, I'm thinking, I could go into business writing satisfying endings for books with crap endings. I bet I could provide a proper resolution for even the most obfuscated original ending. There's got to be cash to be made from such a project. 

My disappointing book has the title "The Affirmation" and it is by Christopher Priest. Perhaps you may have suggestions of your own.



    • Let the record show that I have succeeded in shocking the Mad Priest by accepting an opinion about the authorship of the last few verses of the Gospel of Mark that I first heard in a New Testament class taught by a conservative evangelical in 1976!

  1. A friend of mine in seminary did (for her senior project) a performance of the Gospel of Mark (memorized, of course). She left the stage, at the end of the (thought to be) earliest text.

    …but then returned to recount that added-on resurrection business. ;-/