"Take me to the beach, my good man, and do it now."

Aberdyfi (or Aberdovey - the Anglicised spelling is still in common use) is 
a village on the north side of the estuary of the River Dyfi. The village was 
founded around the harbour and shipbuilding industry, but is now best known 
as a seaside resort. The town centre is on the river and seafront but it stretches 

back from the coast and up the steep hillside in the midst of typical Welsh 

coastal scenery of steep green hills and sheep farms. 

Looking south from Aberdovey beach across the mouth of the River Dyfi 
towards Borth Sands  

Looking upstream from the mouth of the River Dyfi

Mrs MP is in serious danger of becoming a serial paddler

Dammit! I had twenty quid on the dog that's having her throat ripped out.
Honest, they are just playing. At least, I hope they are.

"Yummy, yummy, fish shit."

Aberdovey harbour (taken by Mrs MP on her phone)

Quiz on the beach (taken by Mrs MP on her phone)

Aberdovey town centre (taken by Mrs MP on her phone)

The Wesleyan Chapel in Aberdovey. Built in the days when the chapel was
the centre of everything in Welsh towns and villages
(taken by Mrs MP on her phone)

The backs of the cottages in the town centre (taken by Mrs MP on her phone)

I think all houses should be painted in different pastel shades. It would make
everybody's lives so much happier. I bet violent crime would drop dramatically.
(Photo taken by Mrs MP on her phone)



Tomorrow is my birthday. Five days later, and far more important, it will be the Silver Wedding Anniversary of Mrs MP and myself. Earlier this year, Mrs MP celebrated a significant birthday. To celebrate this conjunction of auspicious occasions the MadGang are holidaying in Snowdonia, North Wales, a place they have never been to together.

To keep costs low we are in our caravan and spending our time rambling and pottering around on beaches. I have been up Mount Snowdon on the funicular railway, many, many years ago but on this visit I hope to climb it along with Mrs MP and the two dogs. However, as always we could do with some extra cash.

With every previous birthday appeal I have asked you for money towards the running of my blog and online ministry. This time, because of its specialness, I am asking you to consider sending in a donation for us to squander on enjoying ourselves in the Welsh mountains and on the nearby beaches. Of course, if we don't spend it all on Welsh beer and a slap up meal on our anniversary any remainder will go towards the maintenance of my online presence.

Here is the widget via which you can donate.
You do not need a PayPal account to do so.

I will keep you fully informed of how the appeal is going.



  1. I know the younger pups don’t comment on blog posts anymore. They’re all Facebook this and Facebook that, but I’m an old dog. I don’t need all that interaction with bipeds. Your two pups are a riot! Mrs. MP ain’t bad too, for a human. Wish I was on that beach with your pups though. I can’t remember being on that beach in Wales. Some other beach on the west coast though. And a bit of rambling on some walking paths up in the north. Sorry, rambling here now too… Lovely pictures, MP! Thanks for sharing!

  2. “I think all houses should be painted in different pastel shades.”

    Try Mexico.

    Love the “One Flap Down” look. Increases Quizitude!