The order of service is posted beneath the audio file so that you can join in with the service. The words in bold type are the ones we say together.

If you want to physically partake of communion you will require a small piece of bread and a small amount of drink (preferably made from grapes and containing alcohol). How you view the nature of this part of the service is completely up to you.

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The collection this week will go towards...


Thanks to Shelley, David, Andy, Mary, Dorothy, Jay, John, Melissa, Ken, Susan, Tim, Gethin, BarbieAnn, Chris and Karen the amount raised has now stands at...


A huge big thank you to those who have already contributed. And and an even bigger PLEASE to those who are still thinking about sending some of their hard earned cash my way.

Here's the blurb...

The twentieth of June is my birthday. Five days later, and far more important, it will be the Silver Wedding Anniversary of Mrs MP and myself. Earlier this year, Mrs MP celebrated a significant birthday. To celebrate this conjunction of auspicious occasions the MadGang hopes to travel to Snowdonia in North Wales, a place they have never been to together. We will, of course, be blogging our adventures in this foreign land - hopefully it will not rain every single day.

To keep costs low we will be in our caravan and spending our time rambling. I have been up Mount Snowdon on the funicular railway, many, many years ago but on this visit I hope to climb it along with Mrs MP and the two dogs. However, as always we could do with some extra cash.

With every previous birthday appeal I have asked you for money towards the running of my blog and online ministry. This time, because of its specialness, I am asking you to consider sending in a donation for us to squander on enjoying ourselves in the Welsh mountains and on the nearby beaches. Of course, if we don't spend it all on Welsh beer and a slap up meal on our anniversary any remainder will go towards the maintenance of my online presence.

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You do not need a PayPal account to do so.

I will keep you fully informed of how the appeal is going.

Holiday cottages in Snowdonia

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