The English will quickly shrug off the sectarian murder of a serviceman in Woolwich yesterday. Unfortunately this is due to our own particular form of racism. American friends of mine often complain that the English look down on them. It is true, we do. Not Americans in particular. We have a condescending attitude towards everyone who is not "British," although our definition of "British" is peculiar in so much as British sikhs are regarded as true Brits (in fact, more British than the British) whilst Ulster protestants are far too embarrassing to be allowed in the club. 

This means that after the initial shock the first words that will spring to mind when we think about the perpetrators will be along the lines of "pathetic" and "uncivilised." In the short term this will be advantageous, revenge and knee jerk reaction will be minimal. But in the long term the attack, because of our patronising attitude, will be a further nail in the coffin of race and faith relations in my country. In fact, I can't think of a worse scenario. The suspects appear to be both black and Islamic. It's a double whammy which will lead to even less job opportunities for black people and muslims which in turn will lead to more black and Islamic separatism, militancy and violence. 

This may be what the bastards were after in their actions yesterday but it is not what the vast majority of black people in Britain want. To be honest, I have little idea what British muslims want as they just don't follow the same rules as the rest of us. But that would be my inherent, British racism dictating who is in and who is out in my little book of Britishness and then peering down my nose at them.



  1. “To be honest, I have little idea what British muslims want”

    You could always ask.

    I realize I’m being glib—I think the British and the (U.S.) American experience w/ Muslims is very different. The wingnut Pam Gellers aside, I think *most* Americans treat American Muslims as (in the main) Just Another Immigrant Group. We want to try their food, we flatter ourselves when we adopt other aspects of their culture(s): “see how Kewl & Adventurous I am!”

    The Unites States, obviously, did get in the empire-business in the 19th and 20th centuries. But it hasn’t (again, for the most part) resulted in whole communities from the imperial far-reaches transplanting themselves entire to ‘Merka. Instead, it’s the Thai restaurant on one corner, the Middle Eastern deli on the other. You wouldn’t treat the immigrant propietors of the one any differently than the immigrant proprietors of the other (you might be an @sshole to both!)

    In some ways, the Tsarnaev brothers (of the Boston bombing) merely prove the rule: murderous wackos (Other than porn, the intertoobs has done nothing greater than crank out wackos of one flavor or another), but just the odd murderous wackos of the odd immigrant group. Not a wave of invading Muslim hoarde or sumthin’.

    Any random Muslim is your doctor, or the nice young guys 3 years ago who helped me move. They’re not isolated off in “dish cities”.

    Well, that’s enough talking out of my @ss. As I said yesterday, the UK in my prayers (and esp. the deceased solder, RIP).

  2. I’m not tarring Muslims with the same brush. I’m saying I don’t understand them. You liberals are like Pavlov’s dogs.