The Pembroke parents who accused a Concord priest of making inappropriate sexual comments to their son during the sacrament of confession will be paid $2,000 to settle the lawsuit they filed in February. Diocesan spokesman Kevin Donovan said the settlement is not an admission of guilt by the Rev. George Desjardins. Donovan called the payment “minimal” and a “means to an end, so the community can move on.”

The parents maintain that Desjardins’s comments were unacceptable. They accuse Desjardins of asking the boy whether he had “engaged in watching pornographic material and masturbating.” When the boy said that he hadn’t and that he had a girlfriend, Desjardins told the boy to use “rubbers” and warned him to be careful because a girl can “yell ‘rape’ ” during sex. The parents also accused Desjardins, who is an assisting retired priest at Christ the King Parish, of attempting to grab the boy twice as the student tried to avoid him. Donovan has said that physical contact was nothing more than a handshake after Mass.

Two thousand dollars may sound like the priest has got off lightly but you have to remember that, if the accusations are true, he will be burning in hell for all eternity for commending contraception to the young man. The sin of birth control is, of course, a much worse abomination before the (Roman Catholic) Lord than any form of inappropriate behaviour towards minors.



The long-time rector of St. John's Episcopal Church has been removed by church leaders amid allegations that he plagiarized his Sunday sermons over a series of years. The Rev. John McGinn, who has led the Main Street church since 1993, was placed on administrative leave May 5, according to a letter sent to parishioners by Bishop M. Thomas Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Boston. He admits to having done so.

“For 17 years Fr. John McGinn has raised thousands of dollars for local charities and provided pastoral care for hundreds of people on the Upper Cape. Our prayers are with him as the diocese, St. John's Church and Fr. McGinn work to resolve this,” said Sean Randall, senior warden of the church vestry.

The unforgivable sin of not writing your own sermons is an abomination before the (Anglican) Lord. The fact that he has been feeding the hungry, releasing the captive and all that wishy washy, Jesus nonsense for so many years will not result in the disgraced clergyman getting a single day off his torment in the flames of the hell to which he is, most certainly, condemned.



David Jones Jr. said he was excited to see a new Bible sitting on his front porch Monday morning. Then he looked inside and found what he describes as a “racial slur toward blacks,” written on the inside cover. A total of 16 black residents along North Mulberry and Springmill Streets and Vale Avenue received the marred Bibles on Sunday, according to the Mansfield Police Department.

“At first I said good, because I can use another Bible, but when I opened it to see who it came from it just had a nasty statement in there,” Jones said. “I thought someone was saying it to me, but then I saw it on other porches, so I called police.”

Nine of the King James Version Holy Bibles were recovered Monday morning after Jones called in the complaint. Six more were found by police searching the area Wednesday. The same slur was “neatly” written in neon colors, according to victims.

“I don’t let that stuff bother me,” said Michael Brooks, who lives on Vale Avenue. “People use that word around here naturally, but I wouldn’t put it in no Bible.”

There were two houses along the same street where white families reside, however there were no items left on those properties, the police report states.



In the central Russian city of Yelets a 25-year-old city resident was taken to hospital April 30, with a gunshot wound to his chest. Although he refused to cooperate with police, they established that the day before, the victim and two other young men, who had been drinking, started harassing a girl who was going to church with her father, a clergyman. The priest shot him.

Police said the priest had used an illegal weapon - a gas pistol modified to fire live bullets. The priest, who was detained, said he had found the gun.



Bishop Noel Jones and actress LisaRaye McCoy have indeed been dating, according to a new report, and their relationship is likely to be featured in the megachurch pastor's upcoming docu-series "Pastors of L.A."

McCoy was previously married to Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick.



The head of Georgia’s influential Orthodox Church called Thursday on the authorities to ban a gay rights rally set to be held in the deeply religious country. The call came a day before gay rights activists were to stage a brief demonstration in central Tbilisi to mark the International Day against Homophobia.

Patriarch Ilia II
holding his phallus of office
which proves he's a "real" man

“Any religious and scientific teaching — except for modern pseudo-science — considers homosexuality to be an anomaly and illness,” Patriarch Ilia II wrote in an open letter to Tbilisi’s mayor.

Ultra-conservative Orthodox believers have said they will hold a simultaneous counter-demonstration and have threatened to disrupt the gay rally.

A year ago a similar gay rally, the first of its kind to be held in Georgia, was violently broken up by a group of Orthodox priests and their supporters shouting abuse and aiming punches at rights activists.



According to the Iran-based Al-Alam news network, a Salafist-Wahhabist cleric, has decreed: "turning on the cooler ventilator is prohibited for women in the absence of their husbands" because "the woman's act is very dangerous, and may bring about immorality in the society. When she turns the cooler on, someone may notice her presence home, and this might bring about immorality".


From VANGUARD (Nigeria):

The people of Nnarambia, Mbiase, Imo State, have raised alarm over alleged plot to use security personnel to install new Bishop of Ahiara Catholic Diocese, Monsignor Peter Okpaleke, whose appointment as priest was rejected on the grounds that the appointee was not of their ethnic stock.

Priests and laity faithful will today embark on a peaceful demonstration against what they described as imposition of Monsignor Peter Okpalaeke on the people as Bishop of Ahiara Diocese.

"We are Christians and peace loving community and abhor the use of force in solving family disputes. There is no alternative to dialogue. The God we serve preaches peace and not war," Nnarambia people advised.

Good, peace loving, Christian racism from the country which knows what God thinks about everything.


And racism is rapidly becoming the common thread of the day.


Columbia University is seeking to change the terms of a fellowship that can only be awarded only to white students from Iowa. The Lydia C. Roberts Graduate Fellowship stipulates that money be given only to “a person of the Caucasian race.”

Lydia C. Chamberlain, an Iowa native, left Columbia most of her $500,000 estate when she died in 1920 and created the highly restrictive fellowship. Chamberlain worked as a “teacher of crayon work” and “conducted a private school in the Flynn building,” before her marriage to Davis S. Chamberlain in 1892. Davis Chamberlain was a co-owner of the Des Moines-based Chamberlain Medicine Company, which was known for its Golden Touch hand lotion.



South African pastor Solomon Makhathoela branded neighbour Catherine Kerr “white scum” after learning the mum-of-two was unwed and told her fiancé, Alan Brown, it was a “fucking disgrace” they had kids. He then told the couple that if their kids had been born in his country they would have been hung and shot. However, he escaped with just a telling off at Stirling Sheriff Court despite being found guilty of racially aggravated abuse.

Just a month before launching his hate rant in April 2012, Makhatholela had been fined for trying to hit Alan Brown with a golf brolly.



Singapore's fast-growing Christian community has been shaken by the trial of six evangelical church leaders accused of embezzling more than $S50 million ($40.5 million) to fund the career of US-based pop star Sun Ho. Pastor Kong, who married Ms Ho 20 years ago, is charged with conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust. Five other members of the church, three men and two women, also face charges that could carry prison sentences of up to 20 years. Prosecutors said in an opening statement to the court they had evidence of a "deliberately planned" scheme by the accused to move millions of dollars earmarked for a church building fund to two companies as sham bond investments. $S24 million was allegedly channelled through the companies and another $S26 million was misappropriated to cover up the initial sum.

Based on Pentecostal teachings the church's "prosperity gospel" encourages the material aspirations of mostly young members.





A Swiss watch company has released a "Game Of Thrones" inspired watch for the Night’s Watch. Ulysse Nardin debuted the $10,500 watch this week at its store in New York, saying that the marine diver’s combination of black and red represents “the serious feel of the sacred order.” Only 25 versions of the watch have been made, but Ulysse Nardin says it might make new editions of the watch down the road.

I'm not telling Mrs MP about this. She is a serious "Game of Thrones" fan having read all the books and watched all the episodes on TV.

I can hear it now, "Why don't you ever buy me $10500 watches?"



Evelyn Mills Moore, of Kings Mountain, N.C., was arrested Saturday after allegedly beating another woman with the Bible. She hit her victim "numerous times about her body with a closed fist" before smacking her on the arm with the Good Book. It left the woman with abrasions on her face, arms and head. Moore then allegedly punched a man, causing him serious injury.

In the USA they call them "Bible thumpers," I understand. In the UK we call them "Bible bashers."



The head of Saudi Arabia's religious police has warned citizens against using Twitter, which is rising in popularity among Saudis. Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said anyone using social media sites - and especially Twitter - "has lost this world and his afterlife."

I don't normally agree with mad mullahs but I'm definitely in sympathy with this one. Twitter is obviously the work of the devil. In fact, blogging is the only social media platform approved by the gods. Perhaps I could get a job as a religious policeman. I think I have the right qualities and I would certainly enjoy arresting people for wrong thinking.


I'm jealous. We just don't get anything this funny on British TV. Well not since they stopped making "Fawlty Towers."



A 25-second video showing a Texas hunter catching a quail with his bare hands has gone viral. And, while it may look too perfect to be true, the man who caught the bird insists that it is real. Matt Carter, a pastor at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas was out filming a promotion for his new book, "The Real Win," which he wrote with San Francisco 49er quarterback and former University of Texas Longhorn Colt McCoy. The clip was posted on the Austin Stone Church YouTube page on Monday.

After catching the bird, Matt Carter had to be rushed to the emergency department of the nearest hospital after his fellow, hunting Christians all opened fire on the poor quail at the same time - and before he had let go of it.


Oh, dear. North Miami mayoral candidate, Anna Pierre, who said Jesus Christ endorsed her campaign, and who did not make it into the runoff, does not appear to be at all happy about her embarrassing defeat.

I love the way that at the end of her rant she politely congratulates the people she has just accused of being agents of Lucifer.



Turkey's national airline has barred female flight attendants from wearing red lipstick and nail polish, striking a nerve among secular Turks worried the country is becoming more Islamic. Turkish Airlines, Europe's fourth-biggest carrier, said the ban was aimed at keeping crews "artless and well-groomed with makeup in pastel tones", as a natural look improved communication with passengers.

The guideline follows other restrictions on employees' appearance and on serving alcohol. Critics say they reflect the influence of the government's conservative religious values at the fast-growing state-run airline.

The critics are wrong. No way is Turkey getting more and more Islamist. Anyway, they won't be able to enforce the ban. I mean, who will be able to tell what the flight attendants are wearing under those burkas?!



Faith-based conservative groups are opposing a new bill passed by California's state legislature which would give boys who identify themselves as girls the right to use female restrooms and allow girls who identify themselves as boys to use men's facilities. The bill deals with issues such as the right to play on sports teams and use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. The California-based Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) said on its website, the bill would allow transgenders to participate in programs, activities and facilities that are normally same-sex segregated. "The intent of this bill is not to help our children get a better education -it is to integrate and encourage alternative sexual lifestyles by utilizing the school system," according to CRI.

I don't think they need to worry. I very much doubt that any man or boy would dare walk into that bastion of sisterhood, the lady's loo, unless they were absolutely convinced they had born with the wrong body.


From NEW VISION (Uganda):

Over 1,300 children have failed to enroll for universal primary education in Mayuge district because of a religious sect that discourages followers from attending school. The resident district commissioner (RDC) Margaret Mbeiza, disclosed that security is hunting for the leaders of the sect for frustrating Government programmes. The sect said to be originating from Kenya, calls itself Njiri ya nsi and its leaders are suspected to have crossed over to Kenya after learning of the action by the district authorities. The sect was also discouraging people from being immunised as well as using mobile telephones.

Okay, the immunisation and education stuff is naughty but I can't fault their attitude towards mobile phones.



It's not your average cross-town city bus: the new Papa Tour of Buenos Aires is packing them in for a nostalgic swing past local landmarks in the life of the man who became Pope Francis.

Just hours before Pope Francis created the first saints of his papacy Sunday, canonising some 800 Italian martyrs who refused to convert to Islam in the 15th century, the Papa Tour (Pope Tour) started rumbling for the first time around the hometown of the former Jorge Bergoglio.



Jedi, druid and pagan weddings could be made legal across Britain under proposals from MPs, it was claimed last night. They want to change the law to allow humanist weddings, for couples who do not want a religious or civil marriage to express their commitment. But Tories say such an amendment would ‘dilute’ the institution of marriage by allowing other ‘ridiculous’ sects to marry couples.

Such arrogance! I mean, yes, druids and pagans are very silly people but calling Jediism "ridiculous" is, well, ridiculous. I bet they won't be so willing to diss Britain's favourite new religion when Prince Charles becomes king and declares himself Head Jedi Knight.



  1. “I very much doubt that any man or boy would dare walk into that bastion of sisterhood, the lady’s loo, unless they were absolutely convinced they had born with the wrong body.”

    Having been in both, myself, I can tell you the Men’s Room is much more intimidating. Those rampant bacteria play ROUGH!

  2. “Circuito Papal” meant something different during B16’s Pontificate (see re White Party! ;-/)