Yesterday's selection was good. Very good.
But I think tonight's is even better.

Virginia - Deep Dark Woods
Silver Stars - Ian "Buzzsaw" Barnes And The Holy Hoboes
Old Friend - Low Tree Grow Tall
Like Janis - Rodriguez
When A Man’s In Love - Mary Dillon
Come Again - The Stone Foxes
Born To Win (Part One) - Hurray For The Riff Raff
I Want To Be Relieved - Spirit Family Reunion
(I Wanna be Your) Satellite
- Jimbo Mathus And The Tri State Coalition

The Eagle And The Hawk - Blind Pilot



  1. Back in the day, the bald eagle was nearly completely gone from where I live north of Seattle. Today, I get to see that Mr. Hawk hates having Mr. Bald Eagle back in the hood, and Mr. Crow very much hates them both, making a big fuss which brings the entire extended family into the fray. Good stuff!

  2. I listened to them both, twice. I think maybe I preferred the first one from Wednesday night. (I definitely preferred the picture). Could you send me the files Mad One so I can listen in iTunes?