A Charlotte pastor used a four-letter gay slur to refer to professional basketball player Jason Collins, who announced this week that he is gay. The pastor, Dr. Michael Stevens, is the head of the University City Church. Tuesday, he admitted posting a comment on the internet critical of President Obama, who came out in support of Collins.

The comment read, "This is a sad day for America...and for the Prez to call this homo."

Pastor Stevens said the word he used was shorthand.

"So, I use it not as a quote-unquote 'slur,' but just shorthand for homosexual, which is the life they have chosen to live," he said.



A Missouri House committee is considering legislation that would make it a crime for clergy to have sexual contact with adults whom they are counseling. It would be a felony for a member of the clergy to have sexual contact within 120 days of a meeting for religious, spiritual, marital or relationship advice, counseling or therapy. Consent would not be a defense. Violators could face up to seven years in prison.

Fifty years ago couples were expected to wait until their wedding night. It would appear from this report that nowadays waiting four months is considered enough of an inconvenience to put you completely off the idea of having a relationship.



President Evo Morales of Bolivia has accused the nation’s bishops of cooperating in a rash of thefts of jewels from churches.

“Every day you read in the papers about this Lady who's been stripped of her jewels, or that saint who's missing his adornments,” said Morales. “But who has the keys to the churches? It's the bishops, and the bishops know who comes and goes, and therefore they know who took the jewels.”

It's a fair cop. No need to call in Sherlock Holmes.


The following is taken from a column by John Pearrell

Bible is proof enough for Creation account...

... Perhaps you will categorize me as simple and archaic, but if I really wanted to know something, for instance, about a particular campaign in World War II, I happen to believe that my best source of information would come from the soldiers who were on the ground in that campaign, not someone who was looking back trying to write a history about it.

Dr. John Pearrell - Honestly, does he
look like a simpleton to you?

When it comes to this area of beginnings, I have chosen to believe the account of the person there (Adam), rather than the scientists who weren't there, but are trying to explain what they think might have happened...

... What we have in Genesis is the written account of the first man, Adam. Genesis 5:1 tells us that, "This is the written account of Adam." That is, everything from Genesis 1:1 to 5:1.
Maybe I am a simpleton, but I prefer to believe the account of the eyewitness who was there rather than the speculations of people who were not there.
Dr. John Pearrell is pastor of Gateway Community Church in Covington

It doesn't happen often but I've just felt a little tinge of pride in the people of the British Isles who would never say anything as plain daft as this out loud. What British people believe in the privacy of their own homes is their own business, of course. The main thing is not to make a complete arsehole of yourself in public. Many Americans seem to be lacking this particular survival technique.


Here is some extremely damning evidence that the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Australia has blatantly allowed abusive priests to continue working with young and vulnerable people long after they have been discovered to be dangerous.


Catholic Church insurers have paid out $30 million to 600 victims of abuse since 1990 and have revealed the existence of an "exclusion list" of priests they would not indemnify the church against because they were known by the church to be offenders.

Catholic Church Insurance chief executive Peter Rush said the insurer refused to indemnify the church against claims involving pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale for offences committed after 1975 after it "ascertained" that was when Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns learned of his "propensity to offend".
He said the same "prior knowledge" test was applied to pedophile priest Michael Glennon and revealed that CCI did not cover the church in a $450,000 out-of-court settlement in 2006 with Emma Foster, who was raped when she was in primary school, along with her sister Katie, by pedophile priest Kevin O'Donnell and who took her own life in 2008.



A Catholic archbishop has disowned weeklong adverts by an American group supporting the use of condoms. Nyeri Archbishop Peter Kairu said he had read the message of the group Catholics for Choice, but did not endorse it.

“I don’t agree with them and I say we continue living according to our faith as the Bible teaches us to respect each other,” Archbishop Kairo said.

The soft-spoken archbishop said the teachings of the bible were very clear about birth control.

Catholics for Choice has been running full-page advertisement in a section of the media proclaiming that “Good Catholics use condoms.”

The message reads: “We believe in God. We believe that sex is sacred. We believe in caring for each other. We believe in using condoms.”

According to the organisation's website, the advertising campaign in the US, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Chile and Zimbabwe is the first phase of an effort to change the Vatican’s policy and challenge its aggressive lobbying against condoms in areas of the world most at risk.

I must admit to be a little confused here. This Peter Kairu bloke is an archbishop so he must know what he's on about. But I've done word searches for condom, French letter, (rubber) johnny, prophylactic, raincoat and sheath using my top of the range Bible software and can find no use of them at all, other than a few references to putting swords back into their sheaths which sound more pro-condom than anti-condom. In other words, it really does appear that the Bible is far from clear on barrier methods of contraception. In fact, it doesn't mention them at all. Which means that the Archbishop is lying. Surely not.



Clergy against mixed martial arts are jumping into the New York fight over legalizing the sport, coming to Albany to lobby against it. A group that includes priests and rabbis heading to the Capitol Tuesday says the sensationalized violence of human cage fighting has no place in civilized society. They’re urging New York’s Assembly to continue the ban. The state Senate has passed legislation to legalize and regulate it like most other states.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s not opposed, urging the sport’s promoters to make their case for a likely economic boost.

For goodness sake you religious people, we are talking about making money here. So stop your silly nonsense about banning human blood sports and get with the programme.

TOMORROW: Rollerball - should it be played in primary schools?



At about 7:15 p.m. Sunday, John Strother stumbled into a gospel performance at The Tabernacle of Deliverance For All People. As a soloist gave a rousing performance of “Anointed Man,” Strother stepped onto the stage and gave the singer a drunken embrace.

“He jumped onto the pulpit and embraced him,” said the Rev. Joseph Bright. “It was out of order — but not unheard of. We thought he was getting the spirit.”

After bothering a member of the congregation, Strother got on stage and wrapped his arms around the soloist again.

“First he hugged the singer. Then he hugged the missionary. The third time I told him that was out of order!” said Deacon James Patterson.

Two other men grabbed Strother and tried to escort him out of the storefront church with Patterson helping out.

“I don’t mean any harm,” Patterson recalled Strother saying as he was being forced to leave.

“I know, but you can’t come around hugging people!” Patterson shot back.

“I know where I am! I’m in God’s house!” Strother belted out. “Fuck you and fuck you!”

A scuffle ensued, and one of the men shoved Strother out the door, Patterson said. A police source said that Strother was punched. Strother, who hails from Cleveland, hit the pavement head-first and was immediately knocked out.

Strother was in the intensive care unit at Harlem Hospital on Monday — unconscious and barely alive. “I hope the fellow is okay,” Patterson said. “I’m praying for him.”

Very suspicious. For a start, I'm not convinced about the sincerity of that deacon. Perhaps this is a case where they should call in Sherlock Holmes.




Police say Monique Anderson sped towards an officer at a parking lot in northeast Albuquerque Sunday night.  After speeding towards the officers Anderson’s car swerved onto a side street near Carlisle and Montgomery – prompting a chase with officers. Anderson allegedly blew through red lights, stop signs and parking lots in the area – trying to hit officers several times along the way. Police eventually deployed spike strips, deflating her tires.  But Anderson kept on going. The chase finally ended when Anderson struck a police car in a parking lot off Candeleria near Pan American.
When officers arrested Anderson she told them, “I am an Angel of God.”




The head of the Catholic Church in Germany on Monday called for women to be ordained as deacons, a major shift in doctrine for the male-dominated hierarchy. Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg called for the change after a large 4-day conference on potential reforms, according to the German news website The Local. He said female deacons should not be considered “taboo.”



PANAMA CITY BEACH — Christ Fellowship church hosts Loads of Love, a ministry in which the church pays for customers’ laundry.

“People are running around and exhausted. They work and then they have to go to the laundromat for a few hours. That’s taxing,” said church member Phyllis Poland. “I think it’s a good opportunity and well worth the investment.”

Christ Fellowship spends about $130 and a couple of hours at Front Beach Coin Laundry paying for customers’ laundry and ministering.

“A lot of people think the church is only wanting things from people, whether it’s money or time. This gives us an opportunity to go out into the community and show some love,” said Pastor Michael Petty.

Laundry days are held once at the end of each month, when money is tightest for most people.

“I could see Jesus doing this,” Petty added.

I think he probably would. Although I expect he would do it Mary Poppins style.

All Jesus needed were some fish, a few loaves and a spoonful of sugar


In the near future a mega-corporation hits the broadcasting jackpot when they create a clone of Jesus from DNA found on an alleged sacred relic and raise him in front of cameras, a la “The Truman Show.”

Eighteen-year-old virgin Gwen Fairling is chosen from among hundreds of eager applicants to be the new Mary. After being relocated to a high-tech island for security reasons and getting some surgical enhancements to make her more photogenic, she gives birth to baby Chris, dubbed by the show as “J2.”

Naturally, not all of the show’s billion viewers are pleased by what they see as blasphemy in the name of higher ratings, and a group of radical evangelicals calling themselves the NAC (New American Christians) become frequent antagonists of young Chris and his mother. Fortunately, Gwen and her son have Thomas McKael, a reformed Irish Republican Army (IRA) assassin who truly believes Chris is the Second Coming, to protect them. McKael’s past sins make him a cold and lonely man, but when he begins to realize that Gwen and Chris are prisoners of the show, he stakes his soul on keeping them safe.
Dr. Epstein, the atheist scientist who created the Jesus clone in exchange for funding for her own research, suspects that the show’s slimy producer, Rick Slate, has been lying to them all along. After Gwen’s alcohol-fueled downward spiral results in her being removed from the show, Epstein sneaks Chris books and vinyl records to show him a world outside of the artificial island on which he has been imprisoned since birth.
His budding angst and the rejection of his supposed role as the messiah culminate in an escape that ends with Chris becoming the leader of a punk rock band. From the stage, he spreads an atheist gospel that angers the increasingly violent radical Christians, rages against pollution and corruption, and calls himself “the bastard child of America’s runaway entertainment complex.”
Find out more at THE ADVOCATE.


“Preachers’ Daughters” is a new reality TV show on Lifetime network. It follows three families — the Coleman, Koloff and Perry clans — that all share at least two things in common: The father is an evangelical preacher, and there is a teenage daughter in the fold who is trying to “stay pure” until marriage.

Writing recently for The Atlantic, Andy Kopsa acknowledged that many Americans earnestly adhere to a Christian faith that calls for complete abstinence before marriage. However, Kopsa strongly suggested that combining reality TV with the pursuit of chastity is an experiment that could only end badly.

Kopsa wrote, “The way these young girls are affected by the expectations of their parents and the rigidity of their religion may seem unusual, but in some Christian households it appears to be quite common. … The families on ‘Preachers' Daughters’ (are) not an anomaly that reality TV discovered and seized onto but an accurate portrayal of a prevalent evangelical belief system. … Ultimately there are only two outcomes possible for the daughters: a kind of damnation or salvation. Evangelical Christianity doesn't allow much latitude in this area. And with virginity (or reclaimed virginity) set up as salvation in the series, chances are at least one of these teens will fall, in front of God and everybody.”



The pastor chosen the lead the National Day of Prayer on Thursday at the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill believes that same-sex marriage is a Satanic plot to destroy the family. Pastor Greg Laurie, the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California, said last year that “Satan hates the family so much” he had “effectively declared war on it” in the form of same-sex marriage. Laurie also said he hated the word “homophobic” and that it should be replaced with the term “sinophobic.”
Yes, and I hate the word "pastor." I think it should be replaced with the term "charlatan."


From AL.COM:

Joyce Fecteau was arrested after two pro-abortion rights supporters accused the 71-year-old grandmother of spraying them in the face with an unknown liquid outside Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives on Dec. 22, 2012. While Fecteau's attorney conceded that she pointed her squirt bottle of "holy water" in the direction of the two women, he argued Fecteau was only trying to dissipate the smoke from a foul-smelling substance being burned by pro-abortion rights demonstrators. Several witnesses identified the substance as dried sage.

Of course, the "trying to dissipate the smoke" excuse is a load of bunkum but, who the heck takes a crazy old gal to court for spraying them with water, holy or otherwise? That's just petty and a complete waste of time and money.



The times are changing and not for the good for society. The seemingly, most talked about issue, is same-sex marriage. Civilizations of people and nations think they have the right to question and change the God-ordained institution of marriage. From the beginning of time, God created them male and female for the procreation of the human race — it is sacred and not to be changed in any way. Male and female forms the basis and continuation of the human race. The female, Eve, was brought together with the male, Adam, and not Steve to Adam, the man. God, in his word, the Bible, says, “I change not!” It’s that people make choices to change those things that are antithetical to the God-ordained teachings.

There are consequences for ignoring God’s order of things. Also, there is a spiritual component to disobeying God. Whatsoever society sows, it reaps. God will have the last laugh upon his enemies by laughing them to scorn and derision at the final judgment day. His enemies will attempt to hide from God by calling to the rocks to crush them, the mountains to cover them. There is no hiding from a holy, pure, righteous and just God.

Bloomin' 'eck, that's one scary dude, god that this bloke worships. Is he really going to sit up there in heaven laughing as people who love people of the same gender as themselves are crushed under falling rocks? I'm glad I worship Jesus' Father and not the evangelical god. Their god would give me nightmares.



The Go-Go's broke down barriers for aspiring female rockers, but lead singer Belinda Carlisle says her band partied like her male peers. That led to raucous nights as well as a chronic drug habit that consumed 30 years of her life. Carlisle credits "divine intervention" for helping her stop using drugs. She has been sober for eight years.

Okay, I'll fess up. That last item was just an excuse to cheer my mate, JCF, up with a nicely erotic photograph featuring Belinda's legs.

OCICBW... is a sexist blog but it's equal opportunity sexist which makes it alright.



  1. “Dr. John Pearrell – Honestly, does he
    look like a simpleton to you?”


    As for the “Preacher’s Daughters” that window in the background looks suspiciously phallic to me.

  2. A truly stellar selection, MP. I feel the need to spray my face with holy water. And that rapture clip – well, I suppose it’s not much different from the One True Church of medieval Europe painting or carving lurid, graphic scenes of hell on the inside of the doors so the people could see what was waiting for them outside the church. Still yucky, though.

  3. In his SI coming out essay, Jason Collins said his role (in the NBA) is to “come off the bench and give 6 hard fouls”. I hope he saves one for the Rev.Dr. Stevens. >:-(


    “Were you there?”: this is the bog standard Creationist talking-point objection, one is ALWAYS supposed to raise in relation to Evolution. Pearrell (“Adam WAS There!”) is just taking it to the next level.


    “who the heck takes a crazy old gal to court for spraying them with water, holy or otherwise? That’s just petty and a complete waste of time and money.”

    Can’t agree. Those who got sprayed, didn’t know it was just holy (?!) water, at the time. If I got sprayed by an anti-choice activist—w/ their record of violence—I’d assume the worst.


    “That last item was just an excuse to cheer my mate, JCF, up with a nicely erotic photograph featuring Belinda’s legs.”

    Respect, bro! 😉