1. Um, I’d take this “study” w/ a HUGE grain of salt, if the sociologists are as tendentiously Christian Fundy as the interviewers (indubitably wingnuts!) make them out to be.

    Now it’s possible, this is interviewer bias. But this article in itself is *worthless* to an intelligent discussion of contemporary atheism.

  2. And note, the interviewer characterizes the average (U.S.) atheist as “wealthy, old, white guys” * (w/ which the authors don’t disagree)…

    …yet the cover portrays the “average atheist” as a young African-American! O_o

    * No one wants to be a “wealthy, old, white guy” these days (even actual wealthy, old, white guys don’t want to be SEEN that way). As far as the interviewers go, I think this is part of the Christian Right effort to put face-of-color on themselves (absent any change in, say, economic policies). See re NOM’s (National Organization for Marriage, the anti-gay PAC) effort to “drive a wedge between blacks and gays”.

  3. Over here, most atheists are smug, middle class, North London types. But then most liberal catholics are smug and middle class as well.