1. Time to forgive and forget and let the water flow back.
    I speak as someone who was in the Maidenhead (!)poll tax ‘riots.’
    (They were actually nothing of the kind as it was freezing cold and windy and we were corralled in a tennis court. My fondest memory is of the white fur hat of a respectable looking older lady blowing off and being fielded by a leather clad anarchist perched ten foot up on the wire surround. United we shivered.

    • It is the right of anybody whose life she ruined to forgive her if they want to. But nobody has the right to forget. If we do then it will happen again.

      And remember – I exist so that you all can be proper, nice Christians.

  2. The kingdom of God is subversive; it demonstrates an alternative society. In Thatcher’s reign we lived in a farm-workers’ tied cottage next to the estate of the (then) fifth wealthiest family in the world. We would have paid the same poll-tax as them.
    She took the children’s’ milk, I got a goat and grazed it on waste land. I liked the goat.
    The reason that forgiveness is the door to the kingdom is because hard-heartedness separates us from God. The hard-hearted are to be pitied as they are the blind who cannot see and the deaf who cannot hear.
    You see and hear and it hurts; it’s not nice being a proper Christian.