Lucy Meadows story not in the public interest - Comment -

Calling for the resignation of Littlejohn is a start but it is not enough. Columnists do not get to decide what goes into a newspaper. That is the editor's job. But calling for the resignation of the Daily Mail's editor is not enough. Editors do not decide the ethos and style of a newspaper. That is the owner's doing. In this case the people at the Daily Mail who are ultimately responsible for the newspaper should be held accountable and, if Lucy's death turns out to be suicide then they should be prosecuted for murder. It would be ridiculous for them to claim that the suicide was unforeseeable. Carrer bullies like Littlejohn and the CEO's of companies that profit out of bullying, will have seen, during their nasty little lives, too many of their victims crumble before their onslaughts to be able to pull that one.

It makes you wonder. Is suicide the only way a bullied person can get justice nowadays?



  1. The sad truth is that the anger at the appalling way that Lucy’s life was ruined by insensitive bullying and her tragic death will soon be forgotten while even if action is taken against the likes of Littlejohn before long they will be back in well paid influential jobs as if nothing had happened.
    Suicide doesn’t lead to justice, the suicidal are those that society doesn’t want to know about.
    Believe me, I know too many people who have taken their own lives. With a friend I exposed someone who used psychological tricks to get the vulnerable (even teenagers)to take their own lives for his pleasure. You would not believe how many of his victims I could name yet although he pleaded guilty he remains free and is now appealing on grounds of freedom of speech. If you want to get away with murder all you need is a suicidal victim.

  2. Ms Lucy Meadows posed no threat to the local community; on the contrary she was considered a ‘valued member of staff’. The real danger to the community were the media who chose to vilify Miss Meadows, and now she is dead, presumably by committing suicide.

    I’ve today published a blog about this issued called, “UK media needs a sex change”

  3. Petition:

    “Sack Richard Littlejohn for his disgusting attack piece against Lucy Meadows, apologize for printing it, and institute a editorial review process to prevent this kind of discrimination from ever ending up in print again.”