Those evangelical Christians - they are just so kinky. This is Pastor Steven Anderson telling the world about what he gets up to with his "little wifey" first thing in the morning. Talk about "Me Tarzan." But, don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning them. If it works for them and nobody gets hurt I don't think it's anybody else's business what fantasies they play out in the privacy of their own home. Live and let live is my motto. It's just a shame that the Andersons don't have the same attitude towards their fellow human beings and want to force everybody else to join their Old Testament BDSM club (praise the Lord and pass the whip and paddle!).



  1. Where did you find this atrocity?

    [Two words for Missus Anderson: “Spousal Rape”. Call your local DA!]

  2. I have to say that I prefer our morning ritual: he brings me a cup of tea and then if we’re both lucky who knows what might happen.

  3. “Yuk!!” (The picture/painting in the background)
    As for him? Well, he da Boss! He big man in da house!
    His lady? Oh yeeeeah! She real happy lady!

  4. wow. just….wow.
    free will doesn’t just extend to those with man parts. if the lady doesn’t want to do something, guess what?
    that’s right….free will. just like the free will i am exercising by not vomiting after watching this.
    and, yes. i’m a pastor, too.

  5. Having actually met Zsuzsanna Anderson and her family, she’s no shrinking violet. Not by a long shot. I just wish their theology and politics weren’t so, well, extreme. That is all.