I would not normally accept that a member of the opposition has a point (other than if they were a member of the KKK and then it would only be in respect of his hat), but Carolyn Moynihan, on LIFESITENEWS has pointed out something that has tickled my philosophical brain cells and got me thinking. To be honest, the only answer I have is, "Because it's wrong." And that is just not good enough.

But why could I not, in the brave new era of marriage equality, marry my sister? What is the difference between us and two lesbians who present themselves to a marriage celebrant? Neither couple can produce a child, so the customary reason for “siblings” (brother and sister) not being able to marry or even have a sexual relationship — a genetically impaired child — is irrelevant.



  1. Children raised together, of whatever gender, rarely “fall in love” w/ each other (And w/ good parenting, pubescent temptations to “play doctor” SHOULD be tamped down!).

    Beyond that, to say that two consenting adults CAN’T make a life-commitment to each other, just isn’t a compelling need I feel (in the CIVIL sphere. In a religious context, I would think there would a WHOLE LOT of counseling involved, before anything liturgical would be considered).