Stigma Of Therapy Must Be Erased
March 13, 2013

It's no secret that the problem of gun violence has many more levels than can be remedied through mere legislation. As a clergy person I've encountered many individuals over the years who are angry, depressed and sending signals that they need help, but that cry for help is often unrecognized or ignored.

Distorted thinking (everyone hates me, I'm a failure, I'd be better off dead, I'm better than them) seems to play a role in most if not all of these mass shootings. Guns are indeed an instrument but not the cause.

What an uncaring bastard. He's a clergyman. He meets all these people who are "angry, depressed and sending signals that they need help." And he completely ignores them. He's right, guns aren't the cause of mass shootings. He is. If only he'd get off his backside and do his job there wouldn't be half as much gun crime in the USA.

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