The conservative Christian group One Million Moms has taken issue with this Geico advertisement, calling the ad ‘repulsive'. They contend that the ad is evidence of Geico’s worrisome and casual views on bestiality.

At OCICBW... we, of course, blame same gender marriage. In fact, I remember that we were warned that this was exactly the sort of thing that would start to happen should two people of the same gender, who love each other, be treated like normal human beings rather than pigs.


PIG OUT! — 1 Comment

  1. Huh: in that ad, I just saw a woman w/ a bog-standard straight male!

    [j/k . . . if only because, w/ his fab-u-lous “Fruit Ninja!” rejoinder, Maxwell actually reads as gay. Just another cliche’d “straight woman barks up wrong tree” story! ;-/]