In San Juan, Puerto Rico, fourteen year veteran police officer and atheist, Alvin Marrero-Mendez, has filed a lawsuit against his superiors claiming that he was stripped of his weapon and reassigned from police work to washing cars and relaying messages when he refused to take part in compulsory Christian prayers while on the job. The complaint alleges that Mendez’s superior officers often engaged in religious activities during precinct meetings, including an officially sponsored prayer. Specifically, it alleges that officer Mendez was asked to give a prayer before a group of officers and when he refused, he was told to leave formation and stand in front of his peers while a superior officer mocked him for rejecting Christianity.

Now isn't that weird? In England a police officer would become the laughing stock of his local station if he admitted to being a Christian. Which just goes to show that there is no rhyme or reason to discrimination, persecution, victimisation and bullying. People just like picking on the outsider and will find any old excuse to do so.

My good buddy, Thomas, over on Facebook responded to this news item by posting the following poem by Adrian Mitchell.

Well you get it for being Jewish
And you get it for being black
You get it for being chicken
And you get it for fighting back
You get it for being big and fat
Get it for being small
Oh those who get it get it and get it
For any damn thing at all.

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