Within a short time of the next pope taking over at the Vatican, he will announce that it is okay for priests to get married and the priestly celibacy rule will be declared to be no longer the will of God.

The new pope will want to stop all the negative media attention his denomination has been getting recently because of the sexual shenanigans of so many of its priests. Roman Catholicism has lost so much credibility because of the rampant hypocrisy of its clergy, especially the clergy at the top, that the only way to take the media's mind off all the bad stuff is to throw them a massive "good news story." The hierarchy is not going to suddenly decide that same gender marriage is okay. It is not going to okay the ordination of women to the priesthood (let's face it, even gay people have more friends at the Vatican than women do). This means that the only really huge change of policy that would still keep the men in control is the universal allowance of holy matrimony for priests. In fact, as the Roman Catholic church doesn't do anything major without preparing the ground first, I think we can perceive the initial murmuring of such a campaign already in various, apparently random, statements suggesting the changing of the present rules on the marriage of priests from "former" bishops around the world.

My guess is that they will probably still insist that bishops and above remain celibate or, as the situation is at the moment, not get caught.

Furthermore, they will hope that allowing priests to marry will reduce the likelihood of child sexual abuse in the future and will macho up the image of the priesthood which has been shown to be predominantly gay at present. So, not only would the getting rid of the priestly celibacy rule cause a big enough stir to stop the media concentrating on all the bad stuff it will be perceived by many as addressing the causes of the rot that has been eating away at the integrity of the Roman Catholic church throughout Benedict XVI's scholarly but inept reign.


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  1. I think this “short time” will take at least 5-10 years, but otherwise, you could well be right, MP.

    Because the only thing even close to the holiness of a celibate “heterosexual” male, is a married heterosexual male. {face-palm}