1. Priceless. I knew there could be a devil behind every bush, but I did not know demons attached themselves to second-hand clothing. If you think about it, what’s to prevent a witch from going into a store that sells new clothing and praying for demons to attach themselves to items in the store? One can’t be too careful, because Pat Robertson heard a story. Best to do an exorcism over any items brought into the house.

    • It could be quite useful this demon possessed clothing thing. Say, for example, you get on completely the wrong train. Just blame it on your demon cardigan.

    • I don’t have a need to blame taking the wrong train on anyone, as it all worked out for the best. I traveled through the national park with gorgeous views of the Pennines, which, in retrospect, I would not have wanted to miss for the sake of saving an hour in travel time. Serendipity.

      Of course, I’d like to blame demons for some of the things I do and say, but I’m afraid I could not convince myself that was the case.

    • Then perhaps your underwear is held up by angels who, if they don’t always keep you on the straight path, at least keep you on an interesting one.

    • It’s true that I’ve wondered at times if I had a guardian angel when I have near escapes from disaster.

      The problem with people like Robertson is that they can cause real harm to gullible people.

    • I suppose that if you accept his ridiculous notion that secondhand clothes can be possessed by demonic forces, the advice he gives to the kid is quite sensible.

  2. Pat Robertson is a test case of “HOW SENILE do you have to be, before you’re removed from nationwide television?” [Even EWTN yanked Fr Groeschel, when he said teenagers seduce priests a few months ago]