When Muslim students and community members sat down for Friday prayer on Feb. 15 in Anabel Taylor Hall, they sought spiritual peace and a sense of solidarity with fellow Muslims. What they encountered, however, was a sermon laden with homophobic slurs, according to attendees.

“Not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but all pedophiles are homosexuals,” the man claimed.

“Homosexuals are freaks and queers who want a pink earth,” he shouted.

Not only did the individual target the LGBTQ community, but he also criticized how some Muslim women take off their hijab, or head scarf, after praying.

“Women are dressing like men, but are naked at the same time,” the speaker said.

Actually, "dressing like men but naked at the same time" sounds like a post-feminist's dream. Comfortable whilst remaining babelicious. As for gays wanting a pink earth - that's gonna take an awful lot of paint. Perhaps the "gay economy" has heavily invested in PPG Industries.

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