Following the appointment of thirty women to the Shura Council as decreed by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the women haters of Saudi Arabia have come streaming out of the closet. Mind you, the door of the closet was already wide open.


Among the clerics who resorted to insults was member of the Islamic Ministry for Da’wah, Guidance and Endowments, Ahmed Al-abedulqader expressed his discontent of women partaking a role in the Shura Council over his Twitter account, “They thought they can mock the mufti by giving these 'prostitutes' legitimacy to be in power. I am not an imposter, and imposters do not fool me. For how long will the forts of virtues be torn down?”

Dr. Saleh al-Sugair, a former teaching assistant at King Saud University slammed the assignment of female members at the council and tweeted: “The insolent (women) wearing make-up at the Shura Council represent the society? God, no. They are the filth of society.”

A few days ago, another controversial Saudi cleric also attacked the decision to appoint female members to the Shura Council, following an interview published in local Saudi daily where two of the newly appointed female members revealed that they intended to discuss the ban on women driving in the Kingdom.

“Corrupt beginnings lead to corrupt results”, tweeted Sheikh Nasser al-Omar warning of more of what he described as “Westernization.”

Women are appointed to Shura Council
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