Following Tuesday’s Father Ted table quiz, the TedFest madness continues on Thursday with the ‘Mainland’ Ball, featuring The Hairy Bowsies and Frank Sanazi followed by a ‘Lovely Girls’ competition, hosted by Danny Dowling at the Róisín Dubh.

The Hairy Bowsies are Ding-Dong Denny O’Reilly (Paul Woodfull) and Scribbler O’Donohue (Joe Rooney, also known as Fr Damo), and they play songs such as ‘Animals are B**tards’ and ‘The Craic We Had The Day We Died For Ireland’.

Presenting his outrageous ‘Das Vegas’ cabaret, Frank Sanazi is a cross between a Rat Pack style singer and Der Führer. Naturally therefore, he croons his way through numbers like ‘Third Reich’, to the tune of ‘That’s Life’ and his touching ode to terrorist hijackings ‘Strangers On My Flight’.

Following the musical entertainment, three lovely ladies will battle it out on stage for the honour of being Miss Lovely Girl 2013. Events include sandwich making, lovely laugh and walking around traffic cones.

The final night of TedFest 2013 takes place at the Róisín Dubh on Thursday, 21 February at 8.30pm. Tickets are €12.50 or €10 at

It's all good, clean fun.

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