According to Ivor Casey, author of the book, "Elvis and Ireland," the swinging hips of Elvis Presley, that so excited Irish young people, set off alarm bells among the Catholic Church’s hierarchy, who feared they would lead men and women to ruin. One archbishop actually set up a secret committee of busybodies and snoops to spy on teenagers who dared to listen to rock ‘n’ roll music.

"Many priests howled their condemnations from the pulpit and criticized, in ferocious anger, their disgust with rock ‘n’ roll music. They roared that Elvis was slouched at the left hand of Satan with a distinctive plan for the corruption of the young people of Ireland," claims Casey.

This was at the same time that Roman Catholic priests were buggering boys in penal establishments they cynically called schools and Roman Catholic nuns were chopping off the hair and torturing young women who had been sentenced to hard labour in the Magdalene Laundries for the crime of being raped.

"Elvis and Ireland" by Ivor Casey can be purchased from Amazon.

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