Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will know by now that I hate being told what to do and I will roundly condemn the Vatican when they try and poke their unenlightened, closeted gay, male noses into the affairs of my country even though I know I will be accused of anti-Catholicism. Therefore, you will not be surprised that I don't give a damn if people accuse me of Islamophobia when I make statements such as, "On the whole, Pakistani, muslim immigrants to England are working towards, if not the Islamisation of their new country, then at least, the creation of geographical ghettos where everything can be like is back home, even though many of their social practices and ideologies are abhorrent to most modern day English people of philosophically Christian descent. To be honest, I cannot see how there can be peaceful coexistence between two ethnic groups when the incoming ethnic group has no intention of assimilating into the existing culture and every intention of forcing their beliefs on their new society, using violence if they think it necessary. I mean, you only have to look at the situation of the first peoples in the States, or the Aborigines in Australia, or the Amazonian tribespeople in Brazil to see what happens when a proselytising (religious, political or social) group moves en masse into a different culture that is unable or unwilling to thwart their aspirations.


In the last few weeks, Al Jazeera has been posting videos on its global web site of Islamic vigilantes “patrolling”, as it puts it, the streets of Whitechapel ensuring that the various British citizens inhabiting its pavements are doing their best to conform to shar’ia law. A notorious instance involved an unfortunate, and wholly innocent, gay man who was told that he was “dirty” and should get out of the neighborhood immediately. “Yes,” he was forced to say, presumably under the threat of a boot in the groin, “I am dirty.”

The British mosques duly condemned the patrols, and the Metropolitan Police made its usual ineffectual vows. But the videos themselves, as far as I could see by watching them in Dubai that week, evoked very little disgust in readers sharing the Faith. It struck me immediately that there was very little reason that such patrols should not progress from the rarified joys of beating up homosexuals to demanding that people stop drinking in public in the same neighborhoods. Lo and behold, other videos show drinkers being forced to pour the contents of their cans on to the streets.


Among the latest victims of the new Islamist atmosphere in Egypt is the “first lady of Arabic song,” Umm Kulthum, who is regarded as the greatest female Arabic singer of the 20th century, or perhaps ever. She had hundreds of hits and was responsible for integrating Western and Arabic singing and musical styles. It was around her style of singing that the large orchestras today identified with Arabic music, sometimes consisting of many dozens of musicians, were developed. She was also a pioneer in Arabic film, starring in dozens of movies in which she sang love songs. Nearly 30 years after her death in 1975, her records still sell in the millions annually.

Whether because her songs were mostly secular in nature, or because she was a female, there have been calls among some of the more radical Islamists recently to ban her music. Although the current regime in Egypt has made no such call, numerous supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, both on the internet and in Friday speeches in mosques, have called on Muslims to stop listening to her music.

While a ban is unlikely, Islamists have done what they apparently believe to be the next best thing – dressing Umm Kulthum in full female Arabic caftan, a “nikab.” The covering was placed on a statue of Umm Kulthum, in the Egyptian town of Mansoura.


The Islamization of Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood-backed regime of President Mohamed Morsi continues, with a Cairo court this weekend ordering a TV channel off the air that broadcasts belly dance clips. The court said that the station, which operates out of a Cairo apartment 24 hours a day, airs advertisements that are “offensive” and can “arouse” its viewers.

The channel specializes in broadcasting videos of belly dance performances to Middle Eastern music in traditional costume. The Egyptian form is the more restrained of those practiced in the Middle East, with little floor work, relatively conservative use of body movement, and music based on a four-beat rhythm.

Here's some filth for you that you should enjoy whatever your gender preference may be.

However, it is absolutely important that we remember that it is only most of the world's muslim population who are homophobic, misogynist, fun-hating, puritanical spoilsports. There are muslims who don't run out on to the streets to celebrate when ten thousand non-combattant people are massacred whilst going about their daily lives. For a start there are the musicians of Mali who are presently rejoicing at the defeat of the Islamists who had taken over their country and banned their profession. For an excellent article on these talented, fun loving people check out "Saving the Soul of Mali" at THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, and do listen to the attached music which is beautiful.

Comparing the terrorists to "parasites," Ms. Diawara said she is forming a foundation to continue cultural communication between the north and south. "We have to raise awareness that this wealth of diversity is not a burden, it's a strength. We have to fight for cultural reconciliation."

Well, I sincerely pray that she is successful. But, as I said at the beginning of this post, I don't personally hold out much hope that such a thing is possible. Fundamentalism, whatever its religious garb, does not do reconciliation or anything else that involves compromise. If it did it wouldn't be fundamentalist.


THE WAR ON FUN — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t disagree with you MP that fundamentalist muslims are pretty miserable people who want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

    However, I point out that there are many Christian fundamentalists of the same bent. My mother’s Covenanter relatives truly believed that if an activity was fun, it was a sin.

    There are even Anglicans who feel that way.

    So Islam does not have a monopoly on this sort of rubbish.

    • Absolutely, Deacon Charlie. And you won’t find me pulling any punches at OCICBW… on the far more numerous times I have a swat at Christian Puritanism in any of its many manifestations.

      But the Muslims are being the most puritanical and the most violently so at the moment especially when it comes to women. So they get a special slapping down every now and then from me especially as so few other liberal commentators dare upset the PC applecart by having a go at people of a different religion.

  2. However, it is absolutely important that we remember that it is only most of the world’s muslim population who are homophobic, misogynist, fun-hating, puritanical spoilsports.

    This MAY be true, however, as with other such sweeping statements, w/o well-documented PROOF of same, I really wish you wouldn’t publish such unsupported claims, MP. Feel free to diss *specific* Islamist arseholes—there’s so many to choose from—w/o jumping to conjecture.