In the last couple of days OCICBW... crawled passed the two and a half million hits mark. The blog only gets about a third of the visitors it used to in the heyday of blogging. Most of my old friends restrict themselves to Facebook nowadays which is why I post everything I post here, in its entirety on Facebook as well. If you can't beat 'em, join them, as they say.

Anyway, congratulations to me and all that.

Thanks to stalwarts, old and new.

Onwards and downwards.


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  1. Tip of the soda glass to you. Thursday and Friday, Sue-z and I fast so no lifting a glass of cheap wine until Saturday at the earliest.


  2. Yes, a hearty congratulations MP! Your statistics are well deserved.
    Actually you deserve a job but since you do your best to speak the truth I doubt you will get one. It is priests like you who are exactly what the times call for and what our church needs.

    Of course you could be wrong, and no doubt you have been on occasions, but I think you are something of a prophet and as such you will probably continue to be rejected by the church.

    Oh well. What can you do? Have a beer and celebrate a little.