The Vatican's head of doctrine says critics in North America and Europe are conducting a "concerted campaign" to discredit the Catholic Church that is resulting in open attacks against priests. In an interview published Saturday by Germany newspaper Die Welt, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, leader of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, likened the sentiment directed toward the Church to that of the pogroms against Jews in Europe.

Well, I don't agree with his conclusions but at least, for once, the Roman Catholic hierarchy know what they are talking about on this one. I mean German Catholics were main players in the rise of Nazism in Europe, the Vatican pretty much turned its back on the victims of the Holocaust and allowed Italian jews to be sent by train up to Germany to die, and, without doubt, have been the cause of more pain to the Jewish communities of Europe over the centuries up to the Second World War than all other anti-semitic agencies put together.

Someone should tell the talking heads of the Vatican that no matter how many times they try to liken themselves to the Jews killed in the Holocaust they are not the oppressed. They are well and truly in with the oppressors and, as such, are no better than all the post war Israeli governments. Isn't life strange?



  1. It’s the old “Why are you hitting yourself? I’m feeling abused by it!” routine (says The Bully, as they pummel you w/ your own hand—claiming to be traumatized by what they were “forced to watch”)