I don't think, in all the years I've been blogging on the sillinesses and nastinesses of organised religion, that I've ever come across a story as silly and nasty as this. Honestly, every Christian evangelist and missionary in the world should pack up their bags and go home to watch TV for the rest of their lives. I mean, what's the point of bigging up God as our loving creator when men like Matthew Harrison come out with evil nonsense like this that presents God to the world as a mean spirited, bureaucratic psychopath?


A Connecticut Lutheran pastor has apologized for participating in an interfaith prayer vigil for the 26 children and adults killed at a Newtown elementary school in December because his church bars its clergy from worshiping with other faiths. The December prayer vigil was attended by President Barack Obama, leaders from Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths, and relatives of the 20 first graders who were gunned down in their classrooms two days earlier after a gunman entered their school. The pastor, Rob Morris of Newtown's Christ the King Lutheran Church, provided the closing benediction at the interfaith event.

Earlier this month, the president of the Lutheran Church‚ÄĒMissouri Synod, Pastor Matthew Harrison, wrote a letter to church members saying he had requested an apology from Morris for his participation in "joint worship with other religions."

"There is sometimes a real tension between wanting to bear witness to Christ and at the same time avoiding situations which may give the impression that our differences with respect to who God is, who Jesus is, how he deals with us, and how we get to heaven, really don't matter in the end," Harrison wrote.

Harrison said he had accepted Morris' apology.



    • Hey, now ….

      Honestly, these guys are a thorn in the flesh for mainstream Lutheranism worldwide. They were born in reaction against developments in Europe, came to the US seeking a promised land, and have lived most of their collective life in reaction against the Lutheranism they found here. In other words, they believe that they are the only “pure” Lutherans in the world, and can only stay pure by keeping away from the rest of us.

    • Oooh, dr p, you beat me to it!

      Following Garrison Keillor, I always refer to the LCMS as the “Misery Synod”.

  1. I’m glad Mimi et al have made the point on the LINOs (Lutherans In Name Only), who took the 95 theses and tossed them into the rubbish heap in favor of 614 purity laws and Calvin’s pretty face when he came along.

  2. A Lutheran pastor friend once explained to me that the differences are not purely doctrinal – the LCMS is of German origin, while the ELCA (or in Canada, the ELCC) is originally Scandinavian.

  3. “There is sometimes a real tension…”

    Wow! How much tension must this guy have inside him that he has to/is willing to believe this sort of stuff to reduce it?