So, the new bishop of Canterbury goes on TV and says he is against (which in the new Rowanised Church of England evidently means the whole church is against) same gender marriage. What is his logic behind his stance? Well, he's agin it because marriage has always been between a man and a woman.


Bishops in the Church of England have always been male. In fact, there is far more in the Bible about women not being allowed to be in positions of authority over men than there are references to homosexuality and Welby is very much a "Bible believing" evangelical. Yet, Welby is also 100% committed to women priests and bishops. I doubt he will have not noticed this inconsistency in his thinking himself. What on earth were they teaching the kids at Eton when Bishop Welby was there? Certainly not logic.

Those of us who spent Williams' reign showing up the magical thinking and lazy reasoning of the reactionaries in the Anglican churches are going to have start all over again. The hole, at head height, in the brick wall next to my computer is, no doubt, going to get a lot bigger over the next fifteen odd years.



  1. In addition to your logic, the fact is that throughout history, marriage has had many different expressions, even in our sacred book, the Bible. Justin Welby steps into a quagmire when he agrees with the statement from the Church of England that marriage has always been between a man and a woman. Whom do they think they are fooling?

  2. And wouldn’t he mean official marriage? Or marriage that the church offers? Surely there have been all sorts of marriages since the beginning of time. Official marriage is a vehicle to protect patriarchal property rights. Surely the spirit of marriage, marriage in the true sense, has always been about two people committed to sharing their life together. Plenty of people have been married in that sense, have spent their life together, without the church’s imprimatur. Many of these couples have been same sex couples. So it is not true that marriage has always been between an man and a woman. And the church is the poorer for that. If the church had any sense it would be wanting to crash (in on) the act. (As my father was fond of saying.)