The black Muslims of Mali are, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful people in the world and they do make the most sublime music. When the Islamists took over the country a year ago, they covered up the beauty and silenced the music. This short video clip from the BBC says everything about freedom, especially female freedom, that needs to be said and justifies the French action in Mali 100 percent. And I am well proud that the British army was in there offering tactical support as well. Of course, the Islamists will commit many atrocities in retaliation for their humiliation in Mali because theirs is an ugly religion of death. But the joy the women in this video are feeling after so many months of fear and oppression is worth much sacrifice as it shows that the battle is between good and evil, not Christian and Muslim. It shows that Islam can be a beautiful religion. It shows that the beautiful people of the world, of all religions and none, can get together and defeat those who are frightened of beauty.


VIVE LA FRANCE — 1 Comment

  1. MP, you really are disturbing the ‘merkan Neo-Con concept of the French as Cheese-Eating Surrender-Monkeys (unworthy of Freedom Fries)—for shame!