• Now, basketball players are a far more intelligent lot. They take a ball and try and throw it in a basket. They call this game “basketball.”

      Now, once again for the jocks – Foot & ball = football. Hand & ball = handball.

  1. After the American “Super Bowl” had ended last night, I retired to bed and turned on BBC World Service news which our local public radio station carries. “And now, to sports. Here are the latest football results. Leading off, in a stunning upset, Nigeria defeated cup favourite Ivory Coast in the Africa Cup of Nations today by 2 points to 1.” A few minutes later, the BBC did mention “and now in American football … (blah blah)” and then returned to more Africa Cup game reports.

  2. We yanks always have to be different. The game everyone else in the world calls football, we call soccer.

    The game we call football is a game where only the place kicker and punter actually hit the non-spheroid “ball” with their feet. Everyone else uses their hands.

    MP I think this is what you were aiming for. Perhaps it would have been clearer had you used a graphic of an american “football.”