I watched the reports of Bishop Welby's farewell service in Durham Cathedral on the BBC last night with a sinking feeling in my stomach. There he was, bigging himself up with talk about how awful being unemployed must be and how it is a disgrace that society allows people to suffer in such a way. Here I am, still unemployed even after asking Bishop Welby for help over and over again during his brief stay in Durham diocese.

My guess is that Archbishop Welby will be a politician who says much, and says it well, but delivers nothing of real help to God's children. He is all for talking about the gospel and keen on spreading it but my experience of him has led me to the conclusion that he doesn't actually know what the gospel is and has certainly never read the bit in it that goes on about helping other people when they are need.

Please pray that those important people of the Church invested with the authority to choose the next Bishop of Durham get it right this time.


WELBY SEEING YOU! — 4 Comments

  1. I thought this was a cartoon, but I have learned that it is 10% cartoon and 90% truth-is-stranger-then-fiction! There really is a moving company called “Bishop’s Move” in the UK, -and- they are actually doing Justin Welby’s move to Lambeth???
    I know you have no desire to go back to driving a lorry, but hey, if Bishop’s Move is hiring … ? Then you could have relocated Tom Wright’s and Justin Welby’s things to some secluded (and deep) harbor in Scotland or something!

    • Thanks, Marcus. To be honest, I would go back to driving as it is something I am good at and something I trained for. Unfortunately, when I was poorly I had my right to drive lorries removed and because I still take drugs to keep me sane the licensing authority will not give me it back. They are probably sensible as rather than relocating various bishops’ worldly possessions to the bottom of the sea I would probably be more inclined to drive my lorry straight through the wall and into the great hall of their palace whilst they are having a soiree for the local rich and powerful therein.