From FOX8:

It didn't take deputies long to locate a man who broke into a Labadieville Church. Assumption Parish deputies say the suspect, who reportedly forced open a church door, activated loud bells that are normally reserved only for funerals. Deputies responded to a call from the priest who lives next door, who told the 911 operator that the church bells were "going crazy". Responding officers arrived at the church and found 32-year- old Hamid Banisaaid inside. Deputies say he was drinking with his shoes off and told officers that he was getting ready to sit down and play the church piano.

For goodness sake! I thought everyone knew that you should never drink with your shoes off. That's exactly what Jesus did at the Last Supper and looked what happened to him the next day!


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  1. How do you find this stuff? Do you mine for news from obscure small towns along Bayou Lafourche? Labadieville is right up the road from us, and I read the story in the local paper this morning. You English wake up before us and get all our breaking news while we sleep. It’s just not fair. Of course, the story is spoiled for me, because you had it first. 🙂

    Thought: Hamid may be Muslim and may have thought to remove his shoes in the house of God, as Muslims do in their mosques. And, of course, when those who are forbidden to drink, decide to drink anyway, they very often do not do so responsibly.

    Ring dem bells!

    • It’s no secret. Over nearly eight years of blogging I’ve honed my search engine terms to find the weirdest religious stories out there. That the weirdest stories tend to come from just down the road from you is not something I wish to discuss as I value our friendship too highly.

    • Mimi, I really still to hear your version of this story.

      I relate to your “it’s not fair” complaint, Mimi.

      When I want to discuss an story that broke the previous day, Easterners have often talked it to death, and buried the thread, before I even get to it out here on the Left Coast (I can’t count the number of times that’s happened to me at Joe.My.God. >:-/)

    • I think Mimi should still run the story as well. There must be hundreds of people who I’ve upset over the years who now refuse to have anything to do with my blog but who are still avid readers of “Wounded Bird.” This is the sort of story that nice people will appreciate as much as the remaining reprobates who hang around this dying empire.

    • Crikey! Has everyone misplaced their senses of humor? Look, even if I’d had the chance to be first, I probably would not have posted about the story. Is joking no longer permitted at this blog? If I want to post about a story or on a subject, I will, no matter who else has written about it before me. I’m rarely first with the stories. I’m not a fecking newspaper or news show. I posted a smilie. Must I also specifically say, “Irony alert!”?

      JCF, I appreciate your concern, but in this instance, it is unnecessary.

    • Is this where I add a ;-D too?

      My bitching about being Left Out on the Left Coast should not be read as attack on anyone in particular (least of all, here).