To commemorate World Holocaust Day, the Pope stood
on a balcony at the Vatican, mumbled a few words about
world peace and released a couple of doves. The second
dove to be thrown out of the window was promptly set
upon by a passing seagull which, if its decidedly fascist
behaviour is anything to go by, was probably a member
of the Hitler Youth when it was a chick.

Video and other photographs at THE MAIL.


FAILED — 4 Comments

  1. Now THIS is how I like to start my “work” week: w/ some good ol’ CrazyArse anti-Popoid SNARK! >;-D

    All’s right w/ the world…

  2. Idiot. Reminds me of a U.S. situation comedy in which one of the characters decided to drop turkeys out of a helicopter on Thanksgiving day. He didn’t know they couldn’t fly. Oh the humani…oops…the avianity¡