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  1. {{{MP}}}

    God loves you, Jonathan. More immediately, dog(s) love you, too. Get out and walkies; you’ll all feel better!

  2. Interesting, then, that for hundreds of years in BCP ordination services the one symbol of priesthood handed to new ordinands was not a chalice and paten but a Bible. And that in the descriptions of the ministry of presbyters given in the pastoral epistles, teaching and godly character are mentioned, but presiding at the Eucharist is not.

    • I agree with you, Tim. Elsewhere I have stated that a priest is not the same as a pastor or minister and the Reformation pretty much did for the minister as priest model in Protestantism until the 19th. Century. Also, I believe Paul was a good Calvinist and had no time for the cult of the Temple, preferring a more middle class, respectable, Swiss merchant model for Christianity than the more mystical, artisan Jesus Christ. However, I am a priest, in the ancient understanding of the word, as it would have been understood in Old Testament times and in most of the religions of the world prior to the replacing of the gods at the front of the churches with book worshipping “men of god.”

    • Jesus does not appear to have been much exercised over the question of who presided at the Eucharist. He does, however, seem to have been quite concerned that his Church make new disciples.

    • I don’t think Jesus was concerned about ecclesiastical matters in the slightest. Certainly there is no mention of ordination in the gospels.

  3. MP, I think I speak for all your friends and admirers when I say that this is the sort of post that, when left (in “radio silence”) at the top of the OCICBW page for a couple of days, prompts us to worry. Please, {{{Jon}}} have awareness of our continuing love…and de-lurk to say something/anything!