An outspoken Irish Catholic priest has claimed he has been threatened with excommunication for suggesting that women might become priests in the future. Fr Tony Flannery said he is being forced to choose between Rome and his conscience and revealed he is taking legal advice under canon and civil law to help defend his rights as a member of the church and as an Irish citizen. The 66-year-old, who joined the Redemptorists in 1964, said he has been told by the Vatican that if he wants to remain in the church and in his congregation he must stop any involvement with the liberal Association of Catholic Priests (ACP), which he founded. The author, who was stopped ministering as a priest for most of the past year, said he has also been ordered not to engage with the media or publish any books or articles.


A Moscow region priest who supported Pussy Riot has been suspended from service for five years, ostensibly for repeatedly failing to show up to church and for traveling abroad without the blessing of his bosses. Dmitry Sverdlov has been described in media reports as a priest who wanted to apologize on the part of the church to the three female Pussy Riot rockers who were sentenced to two-year prison terms in August over performing an anti-President Vladimir Putin song at a Moscow cathedral. Earlier, in February, Sverdlov asked his boss to relieve him of his post as a superior over "pastoral burnout" and "chronic fatigue" and leave him on part-time as a priest, but his request was turned down.


The Exclusive Brethren, which has 16,000 UK followers, has gained the support of more than 50 MPs in its bid to retain its charitable status – and the entitlement to tax relief on donations. But Wiltshire County Council, local police officers and the Department for Education’s Due Diligence Team has uncovered allegations of a shocking regime inside Exclusive Brethren schools – including pupils being confined at home for using the internet, elders tearing pages from textbooks to remove material about gay rights or sexually transmitted diseases, and teenage boys and girls being banned from talking to each other.


A rape victim in Germany was turned away by two Roman Catholic hospitals because they might have to advise her on what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, a doctor has claimed. Dr Irmgard Maiworm first treated the 25-year-old woman when she walked into A&E on December 15 saying that she believed that she had been sedated with a date-rape drug and sexually assaulted. Dr Maiworm called the nearby St Vincent's Hospital, run by the Catholic Foundation of the Cellites, to arrange a gynaecological examination but doctors "fearful of their jobs" refused, she said. Another hospital run by the same group also refused to help. Dr Maiworm claimed the hospital, following consultation with the Diocese of Cologne, had decided not to examine sexual assault victims so as to avoid being in the position of having to recommend options such as the morning-after pill.

Let's face facts. We Christians are a bunch of freaking fascists!


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  1. I make a distinction here between Christians, and Christianists. Not only are Christianists fascists, that’s ALL they are. They worship POWER-OVER, not the Self-Emptying Christ of the Gospels.