These are my the stats for yesterday's podcasted service of holy communion that I cobbled together for the online congregation of Saint Laika's.

All those downloads, all that successful mission, and yet the bishops of the Church of England won't even give me permission to officiate let alone find me a paying job. I have achieved something that nobody within the institution has yet achieved. I have created a format for internet worship that appeals to people of all ages that is both novel and traditional. While other innovators have focussed on the young and trendy I've stuck with my own kind, the ageing and quietly trendy (in their own way). The Saint Laika's experiment has ended up being far more successful than I ever imagined it would be. Furthermore it has given me a reason for stubbornly refusing to lose either my religion or priesthood because of the actions of one bigoted bishop and his friends in high places.

BUT, this is only possible due to the generosity of my friends who support me financially. When I launched saint Laika's I received about £500 per month from my supporters. Unfortunately over the last year or so this has dwindled down to about £400. I really could do with more regular support. I realise that God has not let me go under so far, something always turns up, usually at the last minute, but such living on faith causes havoc to my mental wellbeing. I'm a nutter, for heaven's sake - I need more stability in my life.

Therefore, I need those of you who enjoy my ministry and/or support the evangelistic elements of it, and who do not contribute to my ministry already, to consider sending a regular donation in to me which I will spend firstly on the costs of the ministry itself and secondly on food and stuff. It would be so nice if I didn't have to send Quiz out into the cold every morning to beg for scraps on the streets, which he then loyally brings home for Mrs MP to add to the small pot of gruel bubbling away above the one tallow candle that we can afford to light.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to subscribe or donate via the buttons below. If you want to make a regular monthly donation (which I really would appreciate) click on the up and down arrows beside the options on the first widget, choose an amount you would like to send and then follow instructions. If you want to send a one off gift please use the second widget.

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