Detroit cleric, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson (not a real bishop) said he's under attack because a video of an August consecration ceremony went viral. It shows him praying and lying atop new bishops as they lie on the floor, shrouded in white cloths, during their ordination at his church, Impact Ministries International on Grand River. Jackson said the ceremony is similar to the ordination of Catholic priests. The practice of "lying prostrate before the Lord" is a common biblical reference.

Bishop Junaldo Lee, one of the men ordained during the ceremony, said "people are taking something holy and trying to make it perversive." He said people are being ignorant with their comments about the religious rite because they don't understand it.

"If I were Wayne T. Jackson, I would find another way to ordain bishops in the future," the Rev. Horace Sheffield III of New Destiny Baptist Church in Detroit said this week during his radio show on WCHB-1200 AM.

If his church ever allows the ordination of women, Bishop Jackson is going to end up with a whole load of sexual harassment claims being filed against him. Of course, it is very probable that the Holy Spirit will tell him that God doesn't want him getting on top of the female of the species and wriggling around.



  1. Our current Bishop protrated himself at his consecration, however, our Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Katherine Jefferts Schori did not lie on top of him.

    I think this fellow is conflating the catholic tradition of prostration at ordination with the catholic tradition of diddling the altar boys.

    • Thanks a lot (not), DC. Even the comment that KJS DIDN’T lay on top of your bishop and wriggle about was enough to put me off my dinner.

  2. “Bishop Wayne T. Jackson (not a real bishop)”

    Well, that’s always going to beg the “Says Whom?” question.

    The bishop seems pervasively perversive. Sad Brad, au contraire, seems perversively pervasive!