A Roman Catholic priest has been granted a leave of absence after calling police for help to remove a pair of handcuffs. Father Tom Donovan, pastor of St. Aloysius church in Illinois, made the 911 call on November 28, telling the operator he was stuck and needed help before his situation deteriorated, the Illinois Times reports.

It is not known how the priest came to be stuck in the cuffs, but there are unconfirmed reports he also had some kind of gag attached when police arrived at the rectory.

The last pope used to keep whips in his wardrobe and self-flagelate regularly. This is one of the reasons given for his fast tracking to sainthood. Poor old Father Donovan doesn't even go that far with his own fetish and ends up being disappeared by the church and the subject of much international sniggering.

It's an unfair world.



  1. Three things:

    I’m having trouble deciding whether he sounds more like Bert of Ernie.

    He does sound gagged.

    I’m impressed with the professionalism of the 911 operator (who apparently went off mike to laugh his a** off.)