1. The dog walkers of Britain keep the beaches and the seaside towns alive during the winter. Even the beach cafes open so you can get a bacon sarnie and mug of coffee half way round the walk. In the Summer we let the children have a little bit of sand all for themselves but come the end of September we even get that bit of the beach back.

  2. Professor Delphi & student, I presume? Quiz is just everything a collie puppy should be!
    The comment about cleaning the beach reminds me of the day I took our very Naughty Springer Spaniel for a beach walk. After a while I wondered where she was and turned around to look. No people on the beach but a young couple sitting on a blanket. There to my horrified eyes was ‘Libby” squatting on the edge of their blanket doing her ‘business’ right on the corner of said blanket. The look on their faces could not be described! There are some things for which you can never apologize enough! She was not a proper English dog, for sue :>)

    • She gave him the cold shoulder for a week or so when he first arrived. But once he had grown big enough to play chase with she decided he wasn’t that bad. In fact, she is usually the one who initiates the games.

    • And now Quiz is singing “In Praise of Older Bitches” (Attn male/male-adjacent folks: so should we ALL! ;-/)