After the horrific shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the K-9 Disaster Relief Foundation, a national non-profit organization helping traumatized victims through canine crisis intervention, brings therapy dogs to Newtown, CT to help children and families deal with the heartbreak and grief from recent tragedies.

According to Frank Shane, Executive Director and founder of K-9 Disaster Relief, who is featured in the book 9/11: Stories of Courage, Heroism and Generosity, "I worked on Ground Zero for nine months and saw first hand how the power of a dog can help ease the pain and heartbreak during times of unfathomable grief."

Shane's affable retriever and canine partner, Chance, exudes love and affection during a time when there are no words. Research shows that dogs are accepted as loving non-judgmental living animals. "Dogs don't speak, so they don't lie -- they can be trusted. All they know is love and are like big soft teddy bears, but are real and alive," said Shane, a board certified trauma specialist and canine counselor. In a forthcoming documentary on the human-animal-bond Shane explained, "Dogs are able to communicate through kindness and unconditional love. They speak louder than words."