Those naughty Anglicans from St Matthew in the City down in Auckland, New Zeeland, like to amuse us every Christmas with their alternative billboard campaign. This year they're on a queer Christ trip which is guaranteed to upset the local homophobes who will, no doubt, rip it down or deface it as soon as the vicar's back is turned. As this is exactly what the good folk at Saint Matthew's want to happen, as it's great publicity for their Christmas services, everyone ends up happy, most especially copy hungry newspaper editors.

The irony, of course, is that the people of Saint Matthews, who are no doubt always being accused by evangelicals of being revisionist and caving into the modern zeitgeist are, if this clip from a recent BBC4 documentary is accurate, being orthodox in the extreme. Like all good gods two thousand years ago, Jesus was a travesti, a lady boy, a shemale. And as such he was much more inclined to encourage his followers to have a good time than to put them on any sort of guilt trip. But, then, those were the good old days.