And when they found him, lying among the bodies of the children he had killed, they took the gun from his cold, dead hands.


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  1. If this horrific crime does not lead to reasonable regulation of firearms in my country, we are lost.

    I want those in other countries to know that we are not all crazy here. Many of us want reasonable gun control legislation, but our elected officials live in fear of the National Rifle Associatiion, which is probably the most powerful Lobby in our country.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

  2. [C]ould THIS be the tragedy which FINALLY results in some (anti-violence) ACTION???


    There is a mentality in the US that guns make you safer from strangers, your neighbors, and the government, but more importantly, that the right to bear arms outweighs practically every other right. When you couple that with a lack of public access to quality health care for the mentally ill, the cult of the self-made cowboy/mobster, increasing social isolation/superficiality, the stress of a bad economy, and rampant scapegoating/egotism, the situation becomes more intractable. Everything is reduced to simplistic soundbites that create false dichotomies (it’s EITHER guns OR the mentality of the people using them) that feed into the hyper-polarized partisanship that is dragging our society toward a grinding halt.

    For many people, their positions are adopted and defended without reflection, born of the reflex of identification with a particular political and social ideology. According to those opposed to changing firearm regulations, for example, only their side is ever allowed to speak out after a mass shooting. Everyone else is saying disrespectful things at inappropriate times and being too political about the topic.

    If this horrific crime does not lead to reasonable regulation of firearms in my country, we are lost.

    Yep. At least for another generation or so until enough of the old guard holding on to certain views die off and there is a reconciliation of views from the rural and urban areas of the country.

  3. No, this won’t be the tragedy that moves us to change our laws. Almost before the police completed their sweep of the school, the pro-gun spin was out: had the teachers been armed, he would have been stopped. That is, they will argue for less restrictions, and more armed people. In the end, not much will happen.

    Some days, understanding politics is a pain.