Bristol University Christian Union emailed members to say that women will not be asked to preach – unless, in the case of a handful of married students, they are accompanied by their husband. The decision represents the latest sign of the growing influence of conservative evangelical teaching, particularly among younger Christians. It sparked a furious reaction among fellow students and the university student union said it was investigating.

In an email the Christian Union president, Matt Oliver, explained that the executive committee had decided in principle it was “OK” for women to be allowed to “teach” - meaning to preach from the Bible. But he added that he recognised it was a “difficult issue for some” and that therefore women would not be invited to do so at the group’s main weekly meeting known as "CU:Equip", or on residential weekends or missions.

He added: “But a husband and wife can teach together in these. This means that women are able to teach (including on their own) in any other CU setting.”



  1. I’m getting quite sick of this latest wave of backlash. Unwarranted male privilege just won’t die, will it? I’m reminded again and again of women ordained in one of TEC’s dioceses. The diocese will ordain them priest, but when it comes to them being celebrant at the Eucharist, there is always a male priest there as con-celebrant, because a Eucharist presided over by a woman is not valid. I’m getting angry again. Soon I will say things that can get me brought up on charges. This just will not do.

    And Jack Iker and your lot, we women are just as much made of “fit matter” as you lot.

  2. I’m serious about the sex thing. I’m not so sure it is all about male privilege. Too many women voted against women bishops at the Synod. I think it may all be down to fetishism. Dominance AND submission. I think both the men and women of this fetish club are trying to force their particular kink upon the rest of us. But then that’s the thing with dominants, it’s the forcing bit that they enjoy most and the submissives, of course, do their best to encourage them.

  3. Having been born into a family that belonged to a “Holiness” branch of the American church, I can’t believe this is still an issue. Oy!

  4. They’re going to start handling snakes any day now, aren’t they? “Bristol University Christian Union”: they’re BUCU cray-cray! }-?