It's arrived!

The Wenchoster Calendar is my favourite calendar. In fact, it is the only calendar I use. It's sits there beside my computer all year and is always replaced with another Wenchoster Calendar on New Year's day.

To be honest I don't know how any cleric could do his or her job without the Wenchoster Calendar or how any member of the laity could carry out their duty of prayer. Without the Wenchoster Calendar I would not have known that yesterday was the feast day of Saint Rachel The Bow-legged (transferred) or that tomorrow they will be erecting the Jesse Tree at Pantifril as is their tradition.

Check out these endorsements:

"Every copy should be burned." (Bishop Justin Welby)

"It's even more unnatural than sex." (Pope Benedict XVI)

"I thought I was buying a wok."
(sweet old lady from Thibodaux, Louisiana)

"RAOTFLMAO!" (Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II)

"OMG!" (God)

Wenchoster's diocesan secretary has sent the following email to me which contains all the information you need to be able to purchase your own copy of this annual icon and, if you wish to win friends and influence people, buy a load more to give away as presents this festive season. Archdeacons, rural deans, opponents of gay marriage, women bishops, increasing the price of the coffee after mass etc. and fervent evangelical acquaintances will be particularly pleased to receive a Wenchoster Calendar in their stockings on Christmas morning.

Just to let you know that the 2013 Diocese of Wenchoster desk calendar is now available.  (The usual scurrilous stuff!)

Cost £5 each

Postage & packing of one calendar to UK inland addresses (1st class large) + £1.50
Postage & packing of one calendar to USA addresses (airmail, small packets) + £4.50

Orders to me, and payment via PayPal to this email address rhpt@pharisaios.co.uk

I completely and utterly endorse this product and vouch for the honesty and reliability of the naughty vicar from Suffolk who is behind it.

CLICK HERE for the Diocese of Wenchoster website.

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