Thank you for all your prayers for a happy death for my father-in-law, Alan. He arrived back at the care home yesterday evening. The staff made him comfortable and then brought him something to eat. One of the carers started to feed him which really annoyed him. He insisted he could feed himself and he did. He swallowed three spoonfuls and as he raised the fourth to his mouth, he died. Just like that. No pain, no fuss, no mess, no waiting.


R.I.P. — 10 Comments

  1. He did it. He died with his own moment of dignity and courage. Prayers ascending, well done, another hero moves along to the great beyond. Blessings to you and yours, Leonardo/Len

  2. Rest in peace Alan, and rise in glory.

    A quick, painless death is a gift. Prayers for all of you who mourn the loss of his presence, may you find what our Lutheran friends call, “the glad hope of a joyful reunion.”


  3. My thanksgivings for this good death and sincere prayers for the repose of Alan’s soul.

    May all who loved and cared for him be sustained and comforted.