1. If Anon were one of my young clients, we would discover that this was a moment of “topic jumping,” and then see if we could figure out some ways to let conversational partners know that there’s going to be a shift in topic (e.g., “By the way,…”). Regardless, I would agree that Jesus was not female, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Of course, what is conveniently forgotten is that neither was he white, short-haired, dressed in flowing shining robes, English-speaking, or, by our western 21st century standards, physically clean, especially as far a bodily functions go. Nor, if contemporary accounts are to be believed, was he crucified with a nice little piece of cloth hiding his manhood, which, according to medical opinion, would have been swollen as the body lurched in the throes of suffocation. But then, we don’t talk about these things in our polite Christian circles. Oh – and he wasn’t a Christian.

  3. “Oh I think you’ll find that if Jesus had periods then she was female”

    Um, I contradict this statement. [Though I’m w/ you re idiot trolls, and they’re clever-feeling-making]