Students at Growing God’s Kingdom, a preschool in northwest Arkansas, will soon sing “God Our Father,” repeating the line, “God, our Father, we thank you for our many blessings,” before lunch every day. This wouldn’t be a problem if the daycare was private. But it’s not. It receives state funding.

Owner Justin Harris, a state representative in the Arkansas legislature, describes his daycare on his website as “a faith-based preschool.” Therefore, he says, singing is in compliance with a new rule banning religious activity in state-funded preschools. While prayer is clearly defined as a religious activity under this new regulation, it allows religious music under limited circumstances, such as in a holiday pageant. By using this supposed loophole, Harris has said he can still receive money under a state-funded preschool program for low-income families.

Legal scholars say he is pushing boundaries.

I have more than a suspicion that I wouldn't like Mr. Harris. But, as a Christian anarchist, I do like his style.

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