Good. It's about time this came out into the open. OCICBW... has been receiving emails from frightened churchgoers for some time now. They are telling us that they are constantly being bullied at candlelight vigils and other evening services. Whenever they mention this to other members of their churches they are told not to be a snitch, that it's difficult to get a new priest nowadays because of the shortage and that they will just have to put up with Father pulling their hair and throwing rolled up balls of ink soaked paper at them whilst they are trying to pray.

This has to stop! Although a little bit of name calling during divine worship is to be expected and brushed off, there has to be a limit. The Church authorities need to define what is gentle ribbing and what is full on bullying. And, if priests continue to act like playground bullies, especially around naked flames (which is very dangerous) they should be called to the bishops office and be read the riot act.


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