1. I’d like to see evidence for the ‘legions’ that have benefited from programmes to overcome homosexual tendencies. For goodness sakes what is a ‘homosexual tendency’ in a child anyway? Are we to watch our children eagle eyed and deny them the normal pleasures of friendship with those of their own gender?
    Are you sure MP that your troll isn’t still a kid? Most pernicious trolls turn out to be spotty faced teenagers who spend too much time in front of a computer.

    • Yeah, young trolls tend to use fewer words (and many of those have 4 letters—when they’re properly spelled!).

  2. Worst of all – it’s so dull! It’s yesterday’s news, even to extremist homophobes! How stupid and sad do you have to be to dredge that far back in a constant stream of changing news to come up with something to say! What a useless joke this troll is!

    • Well, not completely useless, Mark. He gives me the regular opportunity to make another person look really stupid without getting told off for being nasty. This makes me feel good and so I am much more pleasant to everyone else. Basically, he’s the internet equivalent of the neighbourhood paedophile.