The former papal nuncio to Ireland, archbishop Gaetano Alibrandi, left Dublin and the Vatican’s diplomatic service in 1989 after it emerged there were large amounts of unaccounted for money in three Irish bank accounts belonging to him. The money is believed to have originated in South America. He had been papal nuncio to Chile from 1961. He was then papal nuncio to Ireland from 1969 and during his 20 years in the Republic he is believed to have been involved in the appointment of 26 Catholic bishops.

The disclosures about the circumstances of his departure from Ireland and the Vatican’s diplomatic service were disclosed in the Dr Garret FitzGerald Memorial Lecture at UCC last night by Seán Donlon, former secretary general at the department of foreign affairs.

Meanwhile, somewhere in America...

From FOX 19:

A Middle Tennessee pastor, first exposed by the Channel 4 I-Team for collecting money from his congregation but never telling them the church was in foreclosure, was arrested on federal charges of money laundering related to narcotics distribution. In an indictment filed Sep. 19, a federal grand jury charged Michael Whitsey on 10 counts of money laundering, citing transactions totaling $375,000 made between May and December of 2008.

You see, there is so much more that unites the denominations than that which divides them.



  1. “You see, there is so much more that unites the denominations than that which divides them.”

    Yes, I think you’re right.

    (I also think you and I have both turned a bit cynical, dear MadPriest.)